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Welcome to Jesus Center Church

Our goal is that millions of people will surrender to Holy Spirit, and see the Cross of Jesus Christ and His Gospel thrust deep into their hearts; becoming CENTERS FOR JESUS!
-Pastor Theo & Evelyn Koulianos

The Jesus Center is led by Pastor Theo Koulianos; who along with his wife Evelyn, have been serving God in America, Brazil, Greece, Pakistan, India and other countries, since 1992. Pastor Theo is an ordained minister. His calling is to preach, teach, and pray for the sick. His passion is to see one million disciples of Jesus, in love with the Lord and committed to declare His gospel to all the nations."

Over the years, hundreds of people have received miraculous healings, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and many have received Jesus as the Lord and Savior of their lives.

“As a Christian church, whose religious conviction is based only upon the advocating of the divine precepts, expressed in the Holy Bible, we cannot condone same sex marriage. We exercise our constitutional protection as a religious organization; and as such we espouse and teach upon these precepts and doctrines of our Christian faith, because they are essential and central to the families and their lives, that are a part of our ministry. It is the collective aspiration of the Jesus Center and its participating members that the family structure has as an essential element of our ministry foundation the following biblical principal, that marriage is to be only between one man and one woman. As such, we do not advocate or participate in same sex marriage ceremonies or counseling.”

Kenya Dicipleship

To our Loving Mentor Pastor Theo ,Our Dear Mum Evelyn,The International Team and The Prayer Warriors. Amazing Results to the Leadership Trainings Under the Holy anointed servant PST.Theo. We need Your Prayers to Enable us in to:

    Help reach Hundreds of Ministers and Kenyan people Serve God with Zeal!
    Know God More a bout God and the working power of the Holy Spirit
    Have ,Peace, Unity and Oneness
    This enhance ,Multiplication, raising ,uniting and training as many people and Church leaders as possible for Christ
    Victory and power

Many people are Healed,Hundreds of Pastors Reached,tens of thousand discipled and The Move is on. Joys Daywa Healed from Ulcers for 22years,but when she attended the Leadership Training through Skype and you. Prayed for ,Joys Daywa got an in stand healing. We praise the Lord. Judith's Mwajuma had fibroids ,the pain really was very cruel when you prayed ,The pain Is vever the again and she is healed. Amuslim Brother Saiid,was dishonest by His real family. They thought of messing with his life but He joined the at leadership KakamengeYou prayed with them and at the moment God has done it. Relationship restored In Jesus name. Rate of HIV and AIDs have reduced due to spiritual revival. More trainings are on a we ask for your continued prayers.

In His Service
Jesus Centre Ministry Kenya
N/B Isaiah 60:20


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